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The frames and sills, produced by PETAR MIHAYLOV & CO Ltd. are intended mainly for rabbet-less interior doors and are meant for producers of doors, furniture producers and DIY.




Today the interior door is one of the critical elements of the modern building and furnishing. This is due to its border position between the end of the building process and the beginning of the interior decisions.

There is no doubt that the interior door is the most important component of the sophisticated and elegant furnishing style of every home, office or hotel.
The modern production of interior doors calls for broader application of high quality standard components and materials. The good doors are result of the master combination of these and their application in accordance with the specific designer solutions and the function of the door.
The company produces and delivers various profiles and materials for Interior doors, and constantly expands their range aiming to fulfil the increasing demand for these products.

1-Sill – front
3-Face panel
4-Edge for wing
5-Frame for wing-HVB
6-Filling for wing-tube chipboard
7-Sill – back

The components
of the interior door structure define important features, which are especially valuable for door producers and users, such as:
  • Size and geometry flexibility
  • Elegant design
  • Noise insulation
  • Good mechanical parameters
  • Easy production and assembly
  • Competitive prices
The above features together with the quality of the produced and offered products are of critical importance for MASTER PROFIL.The quality is considered at all stages of production. This is achieved with the help of high-tech production equipment by leading companies, such as: SCHELLING, WEINIG, BARBERAN, as well as by highly qualified labour.




All basic and additional materials incorporated in the production are made by leading European companies from the timber, wood-processing and chemical industries, such as:



Therefore, the MASTER PROFIL products guarantee the user European quality, efficiency and safety of the interior doors.

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