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Compound Frame „Classic”

Suitable for all walls with thickness above 165 mm. The design of this model is consistent with model „Style”, thus allowing their combination in a single item.

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 Consisting of the following components:
- Bearing profile (for the hinges) (1) available in length 2100 mm, made from sandwich panel (MDF for foils and MDF/Plywood for veneer).
- Decorative profile (2) available in length 2100 mm, made from MDF.
- Sills straight or rounded (4), (5) available in length 2200 mm, made from MDF.
- Panel middle (3) available in length 2100 mm, width up to 1200 mm, made from chipboard-16mm coated with foil or veneer.
Polyolefin KLEIBERIT glues are used for the face.
Modifications in accordance with the pattern:

  • Veneer

Coated with natural veneer „European oak” selected straight veined, polished, high quality.

  • Foil
Code Patterns Name Size,mm
1 CKNP-16 Veneer and Foils Bearing profile 2100/96/38
2 CKDP-16 Veneer and Foils Decorative profile 2100/80/30
3 CKР-16/1200 Foils Panel chipboard-16 2100/1200/16
  CKР-16/600 Foils Panel chipboard-16 2100/600/16
  CKР-16/190 Foils Panel chipboard-16 2100/190/16
4 Р- 006 Veneer and Foils Sill-straight 2200/69/44
5 Р- 007 Veneer and Foils Sill-rounded 2200/69/44

The foil Patterns are from the Thermopal palette as follows:

F06 159 F06 162 F26 025 F30 004 Edelstahl 3  Noce Mary  Noce Sofia  Mountain Larch  Master gloss Designer
Oak, light Oak Walnut Elm Metal  Walnut  Walnut Mountain Larch  White  Black

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