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Other materials for doors

PETAR MIHAYLOV & CO offers other necessary materials for production of interior doors provided by leading European producers.

Veneer flats for door skin are imported from Rohol, Austria.

  width height thickness
MDF with natural veneer, one side, oak, radial, quality А-В 2120 2610 4,5

DOOR SKIN MDF raw 3 mm

  width height thickness
Face 720 mm 2100 720 3
Face 860 mm 2100 860 3
Face 1000 mm 2100 1000 3

One side veneer chipсboard-16mm
(for compound frame „Classic”)

  width height thickness
Panel chipboard 16 mm veneer 2500 1240 16


Hinges for interior doors

Universal (there is no left or right hinge) hidden hinge for door. Entirely of steel.
Two hinges are sufficient, no need for third.
For door width 600-1000 mm, height by 2700 mm.
Minimum door thickness of 30 mm.

Great way of adjustment.

Door adjustment on three axes:

1. adjustment on x-axis +/- 5mm 
2. adjustment on y-axis +/- 3mm 
3. adjustment on z-axis +/- 2mm

 180о opening

closed door

90о opening

180о opening

Filling for chipboard doors


HPL Oberflex

MDF raw

Foil: Exterior


ABS and melamine edges

Glues and foams

No Article Tech. data BG Tech. data EN
303.2 Universal dispersion glue for wood for medium D3 PDF PDF
501.0 Polyurethane single-component glue D4 PDF PDF
871.0 Glue from carbamide resin, powder, containing hardener PDF PDF
535.0 DZ Two-component foam for gun for fast mounting PDF PDF
890.4 DZ Mounting gun for two-component polyurethane foam DZ    
885.0 Preventive paste for press    
892.0+982.1 ROLLER 150 mm    
823.0 Cleanser for polyurethane foam PDF PDF


Emery cloth and abrasives

Machines for production of doors IMA

Machines for lamination of doors BARBERAN

Machines for polishing and ground coatings VENJAKOB

Cutting and drilling tools

Regales for flats

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