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Windowsills and wall panels

Windowsills and wall panels are important element of the modern furnishing of every home, office or hotel. These are standard decoration elements facilitating the construction and assembly works and providing the needed efficiency and flexibility for the implementation of interior designs.
PETAR MIHAYLOV & CO produces functional windowsills and wall panels from MDF and chipboard with various decorative coatings.

  • Windowsill (Р-013)
Made from chipboard and coated with CPL with polyolefin glues KLEIBERIT processed through high-tech lines (BARBERAN).

  • Wall panel (Р-005)
Made from MDF and coated with polished natural veneer European oak, as well as with foils.


The patterns of the foils are from the Thermopal palette as follows:

F06 159 F06 162 F26 025 F30 004 Edelstahl 3  Noce Mary  Noce Sofia  Mountain Larch  Master gloss Designer
Oak, light Oak Walnut Elm Metal  Walnut  Walnut Mountain Larch  White Black

KLEIBERIT polyolefin glues are used for the face and the production is made by high-tech lines (BARBERAN).

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