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Stone boards

Company "Petar Mihaylov & Co produces" stone boards. The boards are produced from MDF laminated with a real stone surface with thickness of approx. 1mm. Due to their 100% natural essence, these boards provide true nature feeling when being touched. With the creation of this product our company gives architects, designers and project executors the possibility to use them according to the main architecture motto and namely: combination of stone, wood and metal. This product has many applications such as wall covering, ceilings, floorings, furniture, doors, kitchens, bathrooms etc.

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These boards also have unique dimensions: 2440 x 1220 mm and 1220 x 610 mm. Big advantage of this product is its super lightweight  compared with a massive stone as well as its ability to be treated with standard tools for the furniture and interior design industry. In order to retain its appearance over time, one should use a special impregnator, which guarantees long-lasting life.



Raw material/ thickness mm

Dimension mm

Thickness mm

Face side stone surface

Face side stone surface

Face side stone surface

Back side PP foil

Back side HPL

Back side raw

MDF 16mm

2440 x 1220
1220 x 610




MDF 18mm

2440 x 1220
1220 x 610




Every different Stone Board design has various colors and patterns.


Stone Board is a natural stone surface product, therefore samples may slightly differ from the actual delivered products.

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