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Unique combination of exterior and interior design. One design for exterior and interior use. This allows the combination of different products.

Petar Mihaylov & Co created a unique system for combining interior and exterior projects in one and the
same wood design and now it is possible that complete furnishing of a building project can be accomplished in one wood design i.e. from one side - interior doors, furniture, wall panels, mirror frames, bed frames etc and from the other side – exterior PVC and ALU window profiles. The materials which Petar Mihaylov & Co offers are: Master Profil door frames and sills, Master Profil furniture profiles, Thermopal melamin-faced chipboard and HPL, interior foil and COVA Siena exterior foil. The designs from this programme are Walnut Noce Mary and Walnut Noce Sofia, which have unique metallic satin impression and were exclusively designed for Petar Mihaylov & Co and are only available in our product portfolio.


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