About Us

Company Petar Mihaylov & Co is a family-owned producer of a wide range of products for the furniture & interior design industry. Our product portfolio spans boards with special surfaces including scratch & chemical resistant high gloss acrylic, natural stone, anodized aluminium, linoleum and mirror as well as interior doors and furniture profiles.

Company Presentation

Our premises comprise a 4 level office building, a 600 SQM showroom, three warehouses with total area of 3000 SQM, and a 2 level production plant.

During the manufacturing process of our Master Profil range we use only the highest quality machinery & materials. By mastering a special lamination technique we have created an efficient and semi-automated process for producing high volumes of ready to ship products.

“At Petar Mihaylov & Co our main target is to offer a product that creates a comfortable living and working environment with contemporary design for homes, offices, shops, hotels and restaurants. The MASTER PROFIL range is the perfect solution for reaching this goal as it relies on three significant values: precision of the product, quality of the materials, and performance in the manufacturing process. We believe that sustaining these values within the company strategy will provide us with competitive advantage over rivals and with long term relationship with current and potential clients.”

Petar Mihaylov
CEO and Owner

Although we have considerably lower costs than competition, we believe that producing a high quality product using the highest manufacturing standards is key for building a superb value proposition and sustainable business.

And our client base is evident of this. As of the beginning of 2018 we have shipped to clients from more than 35 countries in 6 continents.

At Petar Mihaylov & Co we believe that becoming a market leader requires attracting and retaining the best talent. This is why we put special emphasis on developing the knowledge & skill base of our employees while providing them with a pleasant and motivating work environment. As a result we are very proud of the company culture we have created and are looking forward to the challenges that we will face – together as a team.