The Acrylic Mirror Boards are a unique product, which resembles a perfect mirror thanks to a very thick layer of acrylic – from 2 to 3 mm. These mirror acrylic boards distinguish themselves from real mirrors with their lightweight and absolute safety that prevents from injuries. A major advantage of these panels is that they can be treated with standard tools for the furniture and interior design industry. The acrylic sheets are laminated on MDF. The panels are covered with a protection foil. The board dimensions are 2800 x 1020 mm and 3050 x 1020 mm depending on the design. We offer ABS edgings with mirror finish (thickness 1,0 mm; width 23 mm) for Silver 010, Bronze 031, Anthracite Grey 040.

Since 2018 we also offer Scratch Resistant Acrylic Mirror Boards. The boards are resistant to scratches from steel wool and nails. The decor is Silver 010S and the size is 2800×1020 mm.

Great Alternative to Real Mirror
Ideal for Restaurants, Hotels, Bars


Real Mirror Effect
No Breaking
Drilling/Cutting Possible
Save for Children
UV Resistant
Easy to Clean
Better Alternative to Mirror


Front Elements
Wall Panels
Interior Doors

Decors on Stock

  • Silver 010S

    Scratch Resistant

  • Bronze 031

  • Anthracite Grey 040

  • Copper 050

Technical Specifications

Other dimensions, thicknesses, and core materials upon customer request.

Fields of Application