Acrylic Supermatt Boards is a product that we created to meet the growing demand for matt products worldwide. This product consists of a laminated MDF with a special acrylic supermatt sheet senosan® AM1800TopMatt with a thickness of 0.6mm from the leader of acrylic surfaces – senosan®. The product is shipped with a protection foil. The backside of the board is laminated with a PP foil. Upon request, the boards can also be laminated with the super matt acrylic sheet on both sides. The boards are with dimensions of 2800 by 1300 mm. 8 decors are available in stock, more upon request.

Simplistic Look with Snow White Decor
Suitable for Scandinavian Style Kitchen & Furniture
Easy to Clean

Since beginning of 2020 we produce Acrylic Supermatt Boards using the latest innovation from senosan® – the senosan® AM1800TopMatt AF, which has a new improved anti-fingerprint formula. This means that our Acrylic Supermatt Boards have become increasingly resistant to fingerprints compared to other boards using conventional surfaces such as HPL, PET foils or other acrylic surfaces.


No Fingerprints
Scratch Resistant
Chemical Resistant
Smooth Silk Touch
UV Resistant
Easy to Clean


Front Elements
Wall Panels
Interior Doors
Anti-fingerprint test - senosan® vs conventional surfaces


  • 1982

    Snow White

  • 7496


  • 7498


  • 85468


  • 85383


  • 85382

    Dark Grey

  • 8421


  • 85688

    Graphite Metallic

Technical Specifications

Other dimensions, thicknesses, and core materials upon customer request.


Download Technical Properties Senosan AM1800TopMatt

Fields of Application