The MASTER PROFIL brand offers door skins for interior passage doors. The door skins are available in length 2100 mm and in four basic widths – 660 mm, 760 mm, 860 mm and 960 mm. KLEIBERIT polyurethane glues are used for the lamination. The door skins are produced from high-quality European MDF and are offered in various face types:

– TrueMatt® PET foil with revolutionary scratch & chemical resistance and anti-fingerprint & antibacterial properties
– wood veneer – veneer Fineline (unsanded)
– melamine foil with special nano lacquer for additional scratch resistance
– acrylic high-gloss foil with superb scratch & chemical resistance
– acrylic supermatt foil with superb scratch & chemical resistance and anti-fingerprint properties

Decors - TrueMatt® PET foil

  • Extra White


  • Cashmere


  • Just Grey


  • Perfect Black


Decors - Melamine Foil with Nano Lacquer

  • Light Oak

    F06 159

  • Dark Oak

    F06 162

  • Bleached Gray Oak

  • Brown Walnut

    F26 025

  • Elm

    F30 004

  • Noce Mary

    F26 042

  • Noce Sofia

    F26 041

  • Noce Milano

  • Mountain Larch

    F32 002

Decors - Wood Veneer

  • Fineline


Decors - High Gloss Acrylic

  • Snow White


Decors - Supermatt Acrylic

  • Snow White


Technical Data

CodePatternsNameSize, mm
LP-660Veneer and FoilsDoor skin-660mm2100/660/3,2
LP-760Veneer and FoilsDoor skin-760mm2100/760/3,2
LP-860Veneer and FoilsDoor skin-860mm2100/860/3,2
LP-960Veneer and FoilsDoor skin-960mm2100/960/3,2
LP/MPS-1000High Gloss Acrylic foilDoor skin white acrylic-1000mm2100/1000/3,7
LP/MPS-1000Supermatt Acrylic foilDoor skin white acrylic-1000mm2100/1000/3,4

Other dimensions, thicknesses, and core materials upon customer request.

Fields of Application

  • Interior Passage Doors
  • Entrance Doors