Metal Anodised Alu Boards

The aluminium boards are a unique product, thanks to the large thickness – 0,5 mm – of the special anodised aluminium coating. The advantage of this product over similar products with aluminium coating is that this is a real metal product (aluminium), which can be cleaned with alcohol. In addition, this product is impact resistant. Another advantage of these boards is that they can be treated with standard tools for the furniture and interior design industry.

Great Variety of Textures and Colors

The boards are covered with a protection foil. The board’s dimensions are 2800 x 1250 mm. Various surfaces such as super glossy, brushed, parallel and many others are possible. In fact, many combinations between structure and décor are possible. Various rounded shapes of the product are possible for example when upholstering interior columns or production of oval furniture.


Extremely Thin
Drilling/Cutting Possible
Water Resistant
Easy to Clean
100% Natural
Great Value for Money


Front Elements
Wall Panels
Interior Doors

Decors on Stock

  • Aluminium

    Diamond High Gloss

  • Black

    Diamond High Gloss

  • Gold

    Diamond High Gloss

  • Aluminium


  • Stainless Steel


  • Aliminium


Technical Specifications

Other dimensions, thicknesses, and core materials upon customer request.

Fields of Application