Unique boards produced from MDF laminated with a thin 100% natural stone veneer with 1-2 mm thickness. The pan- els provide authentic visual appeal and true natural feeling when being touched making them a superior choice to HPL with stone decors. The boards are an ideal alternative to solid natural stone as they are lightweight, impact resistant and easy to fabricate. The panels are offered on regular or black MDF and with different balancing options.

100% Natural Stone Surface with Unique Properties
Perfect for Wall Panelling and Interior Doors


100% Natural
Natural texture
Impact Resistant
Doesn't Shatter
Easy Fabrication
Extremely Thin
Easy to Bend


Front Elements
Wall Panels
Interior Doors
Table Tops
Same material edge band creates perfect look

These boards also have unique dimensions: 2440 x 1220 mm and 1220 x 610 mm. Big advantage of this product is its super lightweight compared with a massive stone as well as its ability to be treated with standard tools for the furniture and interior design industry. In order to retain its appearance over time, one should use a special impregnator, which guarantees long-lasting life.

Perfect for hotels, restaurants and shops


  • Black Rock

  • Smaragd Rock

  • Galaxy Rock

  • Copper Rock

  • Aqua Rock

  • Fantasy Rock

Technical Specifications

Other dimensions, thicknesses, and core materials upon customer request.

Fields of Application