Edgebending & CNC Machines

IMA Klessman develops and produces innovative machines and units that can be combined accordingly and are customised to the needs of our customers so as to be able to put together high-performance solution concepts for furniture production: Everything from holding stocks for custom production and for supplying fully automatically controlled production systems, ranging from edging with glue or laser and CNC machining and drilling up to the handling and transport components that are required – we can offer for each production step futuristic technical systems that are fully matched to one another – and all from just one source.

Edgebending Machines

IMA Combima
IMA Compact R3
IMA Compact L12
IMA Novimat Contour R3
IMA Novimat Contour L20
IMA Novimat


Novimat R3 for tape reels with 3 mm edging thickness
Novimat L20 for tape reels with 3 mm and lippings up to 20 mm edging thickness

The IMA series of Novimat Concept machines is equipped from a comprehensive system toolkit to meet the customer-specific requirements:

  • High-quality edge banding and performance through servo-technology
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Few setup operations due to machine design with a constant overhang dimension in the fine finishing area.
  • Absolute precision and guaranteed stability
  • Optimal performance and long serviceable life expectancy

In this way, the Novimat not only acts as a simple edge bander but also provides numerous other functionalities. This makes the Novimat the perfect throughfeed machine solution for quality, productivity and flexibility.


Edge processing at the highest level: that’s what our Combima panel sizing and edge banding combination machine stands for. No matter if the laser technique (IMA Laser Edging process) or conventional edge banding with glue is used, the result is always superior. Thanks to modern edge banding and accurate edge processing, the Combima is not only suitable for kitchen and furniture construction but also perfectly matches the requirements for worktop fabrication and door construction, i.e. for the entire woodworking sector. The fine finishing process, which is carried out after the edging tape is applied using glue or the laser technique, is designed to suit exactly the needs of the customer. This makes the Combima an individual and unique machine for edge processing, including edge banding by glue or laser technique, which meets all requirements placed on furniture construction.


If the laser technique is used in the edge banding process, there will be no joint that is typical of the conventional edge banding process. Hence, aside from a perfect visual appearance, the laser technique also increases the strength of the adhesive joint and its resistance to liquids and high temperatures. The laser technique, a new process, is becoming a standard and indispensable for ambitious furniture construction and edge banding.


Fine finishing means accuracy on every corner: the Combima is an all-rounder! After the laser technique has joined the edging tape and the wood part, the fine finishing process is the next step in the edge processing sequence. In this process, the workpiece is given the final touch with a number of precision units – for an all-around perfect edge banding result as demanded by the furniture construction industry. If the laser technique shall not be used temporarily, the edge bander can also apply ABS, PVC, PP and PMMA edging tapes using PUR and EVA glues. High-gloss edgings on acryl parts and veneer surfaces will not pose a challenge either. The choice between the laser technique and the glue method for optimal edge banding in accordance with the demands of the customer is standard at IMA. All this ensures numerous possibilities to choose from for edge banding in furniture construction.

CNC Machines

IMA BIMA Gx50/60 / E / R
IMA BIMA Cx40 / E / R
IMA BIMA Px80 / Е / R
IMA Performance.cut
IMA Combi.cut
IMA Cutting Center

BIMA GXx50 / 60 / E / R

The BIMA Gx50/60 machining centre with robot head is more than just a gantry router. This machining centre allows work beyond the boundaries of the operations of a conventional CNC router: Aside from sizing, milling and drilling, this machining centre performs edge banding operations using glue or the Laser Edging process. The result: complete woodworking on one single machining centre, even with a seamless edge!


Whenever it comes to three-dimensional woodworking, the robot head of the gantry router plays its trump card. In fact, the robot head can mill any shape with maximum accuracy. This sets new standards in woodworking with a CNC router! 360° machining operations are standard with the robot head!


On our BIMA Gx50/60 CNC router, the range of woodworking operations will not end after the usual steps: the machining centre can also edge-band the parts using the laser technique or with the conventional method. That means, one single machining centre can be used for the entire spectrum of woodworking operations in an industrial environment.


The CNC router operates with a gantry drive which allows for very high precision and simultaneously increases the drive force applied to the gantry in the woodworking process. The design of the drive system allows the gantry to be driven by two motors acting independently of each other and synchronized by software only. A machining centre for woodworking with robot head and Laser Edging technology: almost the maximum you can expect from such a machine! Please note that the robot head and the edge banding unit are optional features on the machining centre.

BIMA Cx40 / E / R

BIMA Cx40 / E / R – the new ergonomic CNC-processing centre range with integrated C-axis for high-quality and flexible complete processing of individual small batch- and batch-zize-1 production of furniture components and components for interior fittings.

The new range BIMA Cx40 / BIMA Cx40 E / BIMA Cx40 R

BIMA Px80 / E / R

The modular design BIMA Px80 gantry machine is a cost-efficient solution that will enable you to meet your customers’ every need with flexibility, precision and speed, giving you a clear advantage over the competition. By investing in our ergonomically designed machine technology, you can be sure that your money is safe for the future.

The high-performance BIMA Px80 gantry machine can open up new and particularly innovative solutions for your applications.

Working in the third dimension can be achieved with ease thanks to the dynamic robot head: you can design your products without restrictions and turn them into reality in production. As some machi ning tasks can now be completed without a number of auxiliary units, your average costs are reduced.

The manufacture of free-form parts with no visible joint using the patented IMA laser edging system produces products with a high-quality and homogeneous outer appearance and no signs of ageing or wear. The resulting advantages are simply unrivalled: the availability of the machine is increased as time is no longer lost waiting for heating or glue changes and costly cleaning intervals have also been done away with – a real plus over conventional gluing units.
The use of laser energy in accordance with requirements along with integrated extraction and filtering devices considerably reduce the environmental impact of the process.
The new and innovative AEK finishing unit (IMA patent) combines flush milling, profile scraping and flat scraping in a single unit. Moreover, all parameters stored in the controller are set fully automatically.
Costly manual setup of the units is no longer required: expensive erroneous parts are avoided and, thanks to perfect finishing results, the costly running-in of workpieces is no longer a requirement. Overlaid machining of size and edge on the tandem worktables, synchronous machining of complex workpiece geometries and support for pendulum processing increase the availability of your machine enormously. This goes hand-in-hand with a significant increase in your production. The BIMA Px80 series can be adapted effortlessly to individual production requirements. Numerous tooling options are available.


BIMA-CUT – Combination of machining centre and panel saw – for order-batch production of fronts and components to increase productivity for processing of furniture and construction elements.

The compact production cell: Not only is the BIMA CUT system used for the production of case single parts, but the whole cut including necessary drilling and milling operation is feasible at one machine.

This is how BIMA CUT differs from nesting machines and panel saws. 5 sides of the work piece are accessible at the same time, because it is set on vacuum suction cups during machining. Even the bottom of a work piece can be machined at the outer edges with the adapter units, edge banding integrated. The work pieces come out of the machine pre-finished. When the BIMA CUT is concatenated to an automatic edge banding machine, the operator can feed the edge banding machine and incorporate the supply for the BIMA CUT. This is how a real one man machining cell is achieved.

The ideal areas of use are craft, interior fitting and shop-fitting. Setup times can be neglected as even a single work piece is efficiently removed from a standard panel and delivered completely drilled and, if necessary, grooved and egded.

The BIMA CUT can also be used in the industrial production: special size cupboards, curved, oriel or bevelled furniture. Decorative panels and filling parts, etc. can also be added.


Performance.cut  by IMA for effective cutting with minimum space requirements combines the advantages of nesting with the speed of sawing.

For efficient cutting of small batches, IMA has adapted the powerful and proven technology of the BIMA Cutting Centre for use in a new, more compact machine. The Performance.cut offers optimal processing of pre-cut parts in the smallest space and is therefore a very attractive proposition with regard to acquisition costs.

  • Optimised space requirements with maximum performance
  • Flexible cutting even with small quantities – effective and efficient
  • Automatic tool change during operation
  • Exceptional potential for savings as no sacrificial boards are required
  • Nested cutting plans possible
  • approx. 800 up to over 1500 parts/shift depending on the cutting plan
  • excellent quality of parts because they are permanently held by the work-holding devices until completely separated.

Combi.cut 1

Flexible high-performance cut-to-size – high levels of economy in the smallest possible foot print

The newly developed, high-performance Combi.cut 1 system for the flexible cut to size production of furniture components is the first of its kind to combine the two cutting technologies sawing and routing. It is the ideal solution for production systems with a capacity of 3000 – 4000 furniture parts per shift and makes an impression with its economical operation and by requiring only around 123 m² of space.

BIMA Cutting Center

The BIMA Cutting Center is the new, highperformance, fully automatic machine for cutting large panels on a minimum floor space. The Cutting Center has optimum flexibility and simultaneously allows custom production with high productivity. The machine is capable of producing an excellently small amount of waste chips, without additional third cuts on downstream machinery, in a fully automated process.


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