KLEIBERIT offers its customers a wide range of adhesives and sealants for a variety of applications in modern car building such as cockpit, exterior, clips, trunk and lamination. Complex requirements, such as the field of application, the application properties or short cycle times and high green strength, characterize the specific properties of the KLEIBERIT product families.

Cockpit – Automotive Interior Adhesives

An increasing number of new and high quality materials are being used in car interiors. Various combinations of substrates as well as stringent requirements and norms in production need smart and competent answers concerning bonding technology.  KLEIBERIT is specialist with decades of experience.

The trend for adhesive applications in the cockpit area is towards the increasing use of reactive PUR hotmelt adhesives.  As a result, the production process requirements are met as well as the unique processing  properties:

  • One-sided adhesive application
  • Short open time for pre-coating on PVC/TPO compact or foam films
  • Very high temperature and climate resistance

Interesting applications for PUR hotmelt adhesives in the cockpit include the assembly bonding of control buttons.  The extreme adhesion and bonding properties are a major advantage.  Fast setting enables optimal handling for subsequent processing.


  • Armrest
  • Operator Button
  • Glove Compartment Door
  • Instrument Panel
  • Center Console Covering


Design and functionality are highly interdependent. The introduction of new shapes and the development of detailed solutions are challenges to the adhesive. The high quality requirements of KLEIBERIT are a precondition for process security and flexibility for creating ideas.

Complex design, increasing component size and external influences, such as heat, cold and moisture, are important parameters in the bonding of headlamps.  Therefore, particular adhesive properties are required: high elasticity, adhesive and sealant functionality, quick setting.

For the assembly of emblems, the adhesive system’s compatibility  with the material coatings as well as fast handling stability for subsequent processing of the components is necessary.


  • Emblems
  • Headlamp

Clips / Retainer

Many detailed solutions can only be securely realized by the assembly bonding of clips and retainers.  A complete range of special adhesive systems are used for these interesting applications.  Above all, an intelligent application technology coupled with the highest requirements on the bond quality is also required.

Several elements in vehicle interiors, such as coverings and liners, are attached using holders like clips and retainers.  Thermoplastic (PO) as well as reactive (PUR) assembly adhesives are used for these applications.

Complex detailed solutions and design requirements can be functionally and efficiently achieved with this assembly technology.  Perfect application properties when used with adhesive robots and fast handling stability optimize the entire process flow.


  • Clips
  • Retainer


The use of adhesives for textile materials, foam elements, and lightweight components, and combinations of these materials, enable structurally simple solutions. Nevertheless, the adhesives and the bonded elements must meet the requirements resulting from demanding climate change conditions in the trunk area.

Modern car trunks, especially station wagons with a large storage space, are complex.  Individual elements, such as the trunk floors, rear seat backs, rear decks, rear blinds, etc., have been produced for several years with KLEIBERIT adhesive systems.  Both dispersion adhesives and an increasing amount of reactive PUR systems are in use.  In particular, the low emissions properties of the adhesives must be highlighted.  Lamination includes PVC films to hardboard panels or aluminum; carpet materials to PU honeycomb panels, PP or hardboard panels.

Especially for shaped parts or edgefolding applications, the high green strength of the adhesives systems are advantageous, in addition to the high temperature and climate change resistance.


  • Package Tray
  • Trunk Shade
  • Тrunk Floor
  • Rear Seat Carpet Covering


Lightweight, noise reducing, and, above all, a natural feel are characteristics which make a difference in the car interior experience.  Complex requirements, such as the field of application, the application properties or short cycle times and high green strength, characterize the specific properties of the KLEIBERIT product families.

Fine textile materials, modern film design, and real leather, wood or metal trim are a real challenge for bonding technologies.  For the various bonding processes and the high standards regarding durability, temperature and climate properties, KLEIBERIT offers a complete line of specific adhesive systems, such as dispersion adhesives, 1C/2C PU adhesives, PO hotmelt adhesives, reactive PO hotmelt adhesives and, above all, reactive PUR hotmelt adhesives.  Important characteristics include the possibility for one-sided adhesive application, high green strength at the activation temperature and the warm demolding of bonded elements.


  • A-Pillar Covering
  • Headliner Lamination
  • Door Covering Lamination
  • Seat Backrest