For Interior/Construction

The KLEIBERIT glues are known all over the world for their high quality and wide application range. They are used in the furniture and wood-processing industries, the building, automotive and filter industries. For each possible gluing process there is glue from KLEIBERIT. The production of the KLEIBERIT glues is done under constant technological and quality control by the laboratories of the company and by leading independent institutes.

Parquet Installation

Parquet oors, regardless whether solid wood or two or three layer par- quet, are subject to high demands. As the parquet has to be seen as a single unit, the adhesive used for pro- ducing this parquet must, of course, ful ll the following list of require- ments:

  • high water and moistureresistance
  • good long-term stability –no brittleness of the glue line
  • good temperature resistance (im- portant with under oor heating)
  • ability to compensate forswelling and shrinkage of the wood due to seasons and under oor heating
  • solvent resistance

For the production of three layer par- quet, mainly melamine or UF resin adhesives are used. For the produc- tion of two layer parquet, reactive polyurethane hotmelts are used. Dis- persions on PVAC basis are another alternative.

Parquet Installation

Door Frame Installation

KLEIBERIT 535.0 DZ is a propellant-free 2C PUR foam for installing door frames, windows or panels from a double cylinder cartridge.

The millionfold proven assembly foam cures independently from moisture and doesn’t generate post pressure. Additional good qualities include tremendous bond strength as well as good noise and heat insulation. After just a few minutes, the foam is cured and can be cut.

Door Frame Installation Process
Download KLEIBERIT 535.0 DZ

KLEIBERIT D3 Glue 303 has been used here for decades and fulfils, with or without hardener, the stress group D3 or D4 according to DIN EN 204 depending on use.  Another proven product is PUR Glue 501, a one component PUR adhesive.  Features a test certificate for ship construction (IMO FTPC Part 5 & 2, Module B).
Download PUR Adhesive KLEIBERIT 501.0

Stair Assembly

KLEIBERIT 536.0 Stairmaster is a pressure-proof 2C PUR expansion adhesive in a double cylinder cartridge. Its specialty is the assembly of stairway steps, door thresholds and windowsills.

Stair Assembly

Handcrafted interior finishing relies on individual quality and creative ideas. Therefore, the suitable adhesives may not be missing in any carpentry workshop. Whether for frame, surface, dowel or construction bonding, etc. KLEIBERIT offers a comprehensive product range for every bonding requirement.

Download PUR Adhesive KLEIBERIT 501.0