Hinges for Doors

Company Petar Mihaylov and Co is exclusive distributors for the products of company BaSys, Germany. The company was the first German manufacturer who has presented with the “PIVOTA” product family a concealed and three-dimensionally adjustable hinge and initiated herewith a new design trend in the door sector. The new trend, which the non-rebated doors set few years ago, induced BaSys to establish the versatile concealed hinge program PIVOTA® DX on the market, offering a wide range of functionality. Currently there is not another hinge manufacturer who offers a comparable and fully developed program of concealed hinges, keeping in mind that the functional principle – including the three-dimensional adjustability – is an in-house development of BaSys. For the first time BaSys presented PIVOTA® DX on the exhibition BAU 2001 in Munich, since then the different hinge models offer in their area of application a convincing solution. In addition, the elegant DX design emphasizes the importance of the hinge as a design object in modern interior design.


Always offered as a complete hinge and made of aluminium and steel components, the DX hinges can carry up to 350 kg door weights (per pair) – applicable in wooden, steel or aluminium frames. Every day BaSys works consequently and in a true customer-oriented way to improve and enhance this successful product line. Although focussing on design aspects, PIVOTA® DX stands for reliability and durability – provided among other details by its extremely stable joint design. Because of the sophisticated bearings and the exceptional kinemtical guidance the DX hinges have set standards in permanent function tests. The same applies to the adjustment of the door leaf position which is being conducted independently of the joint’s kinematic, not influencing it negatively. In any case the above described product strengths have led to the fact that the PIVOTA® DX program is one of BaSys’s top innovativ flagships.


  • DX 38 N 3-D

    Max door weight 60 kg (per pair)

  • DX 61 3-D IHA

    Max door weight 100 kg (per pair)

  • DX 101 3-D IHA

    Max door weight 120 kg (per pair)

  • DX 120 3-D

    Max door weight 160 kg (per pair)

  • DX 180 3-D

    Max door weight 200 kg (per pair)


Product Catalogue

Download Catalogue Pivota DX

Product Data Sheet

Download Product Data Sheet DX 38 N 3-D
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Fields of Application

  • Interior Passage Doors
  • Entrance Doors