Lacquering Machines

Since its founding by Henry Venjakob in 1963, company Venjakob has grown from a small machine building company to an internationally recognised system manufacturer of surface finishing plants and technical conveyor products. With its innovative spirit, own patented developments and first-class customer service, Venjakob optimises the production processes of its customers and enthuse with individual machine line solutions. Intensive product developments generate a broad portfolio of standard and special machines for fully automatic surface finishing and energy efficient solutions for clean air. To achieve its goal of highest possible quality and maximum customer satisfaction, Venjakobs draws on the profound expert knowledge of its employees and purchases exclusively first-class quality parts. A large number of in part patented product developments allow customers to produce in an energy efficient, environmentally sound and economical manner. Moreover, the modular design of Venjakob’s machines and machine lines makes the investments future-proof.

For decades Venjakob has been living the motto: environmentally friendly – economical – reliable.

VEN CLEAN - Pre-treatment and Cleaning


    Dust removal system - ionisation system

VEN BRUSH - Sanding, Smoothing, Brushing


    With hold-down brushes and support brushes

  • VEN BRUSH Hybrid

    With longitudinal and cross sanding belts

VEN SPRAY - Spray Painting

  • VEN SPRAY Smart

    Spray coating machine - small but very effective

  • VEN SPRAY Perfect

    The new dimension in high-capacity lacquering

  • VEN SPRAY Comfort

    Spray coating machine for flexible serial production

  • VEN SPRAY Contour

    The optimum symbiosis of surface spray painting machine and robot

  • VEN SPRAY Vario

    Robot with surface spray painting machine

  • VEN SPRAY Mini

    Low cost and minimum space requirement. maximum flexibility

  • VEN SPRAY Mould

    Painting/coating of mouldings, window parrs and other profile components

  • VEN SPRAY Robot

    Robotic paint system for coating lines

VEN TRANS - Conveying Equipment

  • VEN TRANS Belt

    Use of wide belt, grid, steel band or narrow belt conveyors

  • VEN TRANS Curve

    Curve transport available from 20-200°


    Roller transports with workpiece transposition

VEN MOVE - Handling Technology

  • VEN MOVE Collect

    Accumulation or seperation of workpieces

  • VEN MOVE Robot

    Material handling robot for the spraying plant

  • VEN MOVE Transfer

    Workpiece transfer from longitudinal transport to cross transport

  • VEN MOVE Turn

    Rotating and tunrning wokpieces

VEN DRY - Drying Technology

  • VEN DRY Air

    Dryer with high air speed for intensive drying

  • VEN DRY Air Jet

    Dryer with newly designed slotted jets

  • VEN DRY Collect

    Realisation of space saving, long drying times

  • VEN DRY Cool

    For extremely fast workpiece cooling

  • VEN DRY Oir

    Flat evaporation tunnel with optimised infrared technology

  • VEN DRY Rack

    Drying with trolley


    Dryer for UV curing paint systems


    High-performance curing of 3d workpieces

  • VEN DRY Vario Time

    The vertival dryer offers a high degree of flexibility

  • VEN DRY Vertical

    Drying method is based on a hot air-circulating air system


  • Mebelor

  • Buldekor

  • Eurostill