Gruppo Mauro Saviola, now Saviola Holding, founded by Mauro Saviola in 1963 with headquarters in Viadana MN, is based on 3 business units operating in Wood, Chemistry and RTA furniture. The B.U. Wood includes three companies from Italy, one in Latin America and a trasportation unit Delta in Europe. The Saviola Holding , whose current president is Alessandro Saviola, eldest son of the founder, develops a 100% eco-friendly business focused on a strong vertical integration: from wood waste collection to finished product. The B.U. Wood has in Gruppo Mauro Saviola its main company, which is leader in Italy with more than 50% market share and among the leading European players of the mfc industry. Gruppo Mauro Saviola is the perfect answer to the needs of the Furniture Industry and beyond. The Group produces raw and melamin faced chipboard (MFC) in endless combinations of patterns and textures, water-resistance MFC, fire-resistance MFC, CPL and HPL. The boards are made by 100% recycled wood. Every year up to 1.5 million tons of used wood are being recycled. The Ecological Panel is the only FSC certified 100% recycled wood and fully meets the most stringent international formaldehyde emission standards (E1, EPF -S, CARB I and II , F ****, LEB ).

The MFC of Gruppo Mauro Saviola features amazing designs and structures. Only here you can find special structures such as Rockwood – recreating ancient tree, Ressià – reproducing horizontally cutted wood with vertical relief, Stonehenge – recreating real wood pore in color shade, Larix-deep vertical wood structure, Evo – perfect recreations of stain polished veneer.


Wall Panels
Front Elements
Table Tops

Wood Designs on Stock

  • Vanguard P25, Vanguard

  • Noce Nitens OSF, Verolegno

  • Rovere Maranello 62M, Larix

  • Rovere OGC, Larix

  • Olmo Italiano AR1, Larix

  • Larice Faber AR2, Larix

  • Acacia Moldava D1U, Larix

  • Rovere Somona V32, Larix

  • Faro oak 37M, Larix

  • Faro oak 43M, Larix

  • Faro oak 51M, Larix

  • Petrus oak 22R, Evo

  • Olmo 44R, Stonehenge

  • Canyon mon. oak natural D17, Rockwood

  • Canyon mon. oak grey D19, Rockwood

Uni Designs on Stock

  • Bianco 79X, Cera

  • Grigio AN9, Cera

  • Grigio 0A8, Cera

  • Azzurro 0G7, Cera

  • Rosso 29L, Cera

  • Piombo 4Z8, Cera

  • Zafferano 0EZ, Cera

  • Verde XK1, Cera

  • Giallo 0GR, Cera

  • Bianco 0K2, Mood/AS

  • Grigio 0A8, Mood/AS

  • Nero 308, Mood/AS

  • Twist Corda 49M, Calicot

  • Texture X84, Calicot


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