Company Petar Mihaylov and Co offers veneer edges from company HEITZ, Germany. The production of all edges from natural rolled veneers from HEITZ uses EXCLUSIVELY white glue PVAC (polyvinyl acetate). Therefore the edges have excellent flexibility and perfect forming. This is the leading production process from many years. The edges have good parameters, especially for the modern CNC production centers. The advantage of the edges with PVAC glue is that they have lower formaldehyde contents then the edges glued with formaldehyde glues (Kaurit). The formaldehyde contents of HEITZ have been examined by the Wilhelm-Klauditz Institut, Braunschweig Germany through a gas method DIN 52386. In accordance with the German regulations the maximum permissible contents through this method is 3.5 mg (hx/m²). The HEITZ edges have demonstrated ONLY 0.1 mg HCHO (hx/m²).