Lightweight Tubular Chipboards Sauerland

The Chipboard Sauerland Spanplatte is produced by extruding and pressing – the only method for production of chipboard with bores achieving low weight and respectively lower price. The wood chips are positioned vertically to the surface of the flat, thus achieving very low thickness expansion, high pressure resistance (20 kg/cm²) and high fire resistance (up to 60 min). The cohesion of the wood chips is homogenous through the whole thickness, which means high resistance to pulling out the screws in any part of the flat. The low flexibility of Sauerland chipboard is an advantage due to its high noise insulation (up to 44dB). The materials are WKI and EPH certified for formaldehyde contents class Е1.

Tubular Core
Strip Core
Sound Core
Fire Core
Profile Core
Extrusion Method


Formaldehyde contents class Е1 in accordance with DIBt – certificates from WKI and EPH
Humidity contents 7-10%
Production standard in accordance with DIN 68764
Class of non-burning in accordance with DIN 4102 EN 13501 (up to 60 minutes)
Noise insulation in accordance with DIN 4109 (up to 44 dB)
Climate requirements in accordance with DIN EN1121
Mechanical parameters in accordance with DIN EN1192
High stability and impact resistance 20 kg/ cm²
Guaranteed thickness max +/- 0,1 mm
Absolutely smooth and flat surface
Width (height of the door) max 2100 mm
Length (width of the door) from 600 to 1200 mm



Thickness precision
Impact resistance
Sound insulation


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Fields of Application

  • Interior Passage Doors
  • Entrance Doors