Continuous High-pressure Laminate

The Continuous high-pressure laminate CHPL of Gruppo Mauro Saviola is a product according to European standard EN 438. The level of formaldehyde is much below the exposure limit for wood and because of the very low permeability of the laminate, when it is glued to the wood serves as a barrier to potential formaldehyde emission of the wood core. The laminates are approved for contact with food and are resistant to solvents and chemicals used in the household. CHPL lasts for a short time at 180º C. This material is resistant to contact with a cigarette by the European norm UNI EN438-2 Level 4. CHPL is produced in a thickness of 0.4 to 1.0 mm. The length is from 1200 to 5600 mm and the width is between 1850 and 2120 mm. Thus is achieving a product size that no other competitor can offer on the market. Products CHPL, CPL and Finish foil are produced in the relevant structures and PHP of Gruppo Mauro Saviola. All this leads to a great flexibility for the customers. The product prices are very competitive.


Wall Panels
Front Elements
Table Tops

Product Data Sheet

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