Sintered Stone

Company Petar Mihaylov and Co is exclusive distributor of Neolith. Born in the last decade, Neolith – a Sintered Stone – is a revolutionary product category pioneered by TheSize to effectively respond to the most demanding architectural and interior design needs. Neolith does not belong to what is traditionally known as “ceramic” or “porcelain”: it is rather an extreme evolution of these ones to the extent of creating a new kind of surface previously inexistent. Neolith is the pioneer and continous innovator of the Sintered Stones.

Suitable for Flooring, Countertops, Furniture
Suitable for Bathrooms
Suitable for Swimming Pools
Suitable for Fireplaces, Wall Cladding
Trusted by the Most Renowned Designers

What is a Sintered Stone?

It is a 100% natural material based on 3 groups of natural elements:

1. Granite Minerals: Quartz and Feldspar which grants hardness and strength to the product.
2. Glass Minerals and Silica which grants chemical stability.
3. Natural oxides which grants chromatic properties.

Production Process Sintering and Technology

The Sintering Technology that TheSize has developed to create Neolith, replicates in matter of hours the process by which natural stones are created throughout thousand of years. It exposes the raw materials described above to extremely high pressure and temperature. During a first phase, the raw materials go through the pressing machinery where a pressure of 400 bars is applied. In a second phase, the slab goes through a kiln with temperatures reaching more than 1200°C (2200°F). This process of ultracompactation gives birth to a full-body surface with unique technical features.


Water Resistant
Does Not Bend
Easy To Clean
Large Sizes
Scratch Resistant
UV Resistant
Resistant to Heat
Resistant to Frost
Suitable for Food
Chemical Resistant
Suitable for High Traffic
100% Natural


Wall Panels
Front Elements
Table Tops
Kitchen Countertops

Decors on Stock

  • Estatuario

  • Calacatta

  • Calacatta Gold

  • Onyx

  • Pulpis

  • Nero Marquina

  • Basalt Grey

  • Beton

  • Zaha Stone

  • La Boheme B01

  • Iron Moss

  • Arctic White

Cooking on Kitchen Countertop Neolith


Neoltih can be found in three large formats of 3,200 x 1,500 mm, 3,600 x 1,200 mm, 3,200 x 1,600 mm and two new: 2600 x 1200 mm and 2600 x 1500 mm, the latter available only for projects, not in stock permanent.

This great variety translates into greater uniformity and continuity in the different spaces, facilitating their handling and minimizing the number of joints, which provides greater aesthetic and hygienic advantages.


One of the characteristics that make Neolith stand out is how thin it is; it comes in thicknesses of 3, 6, 12 and 20 mm. The difference in their use varies based on the intended purpose.

For furniture, using 3 mm is recommended; for flooring (interior and exterior) and exterior tiling (like ventilated facades), 6 mm is recommended; whereas 12 mm is reserved for more demanding product uses such as for kitchen countertops.


With a high level of gloss, the Nanotech Polished confers a more sophisticated look to the Colorfeel Collection.

Shiny with a perfect linear reflection that gives the material depth and elegance

A honed texture which is typical of natural stones: smooth, soft, shine-free and completely matte.

A rough texture to the touch due to its great relief and depth.

A matte finish with a light layer of enamel for subtle shine and a pleasant soft touch. Easy-to-clean surface finish.

Completely matte and highly resistant. Ideal for commercial use.

Ready Neolith sinks

Neolith offers ready sinks at very attractive prices. These sinks create an elegant and complete look of your kitchen.

Neolith sinks
Complete look with your countertop

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Technical Manuals

Download Technical Datasheet
Download Technical Manual Kitchen Countertops
Download Technical Manual Tiling and Paving
Download Cleaning and Maintenance
Download Cleaning and Maintenance - Polished Finish
Download Technical Manual Sinks



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  • Private Residence, Ibiza

  • Ford Showroom, Madrid

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