Shelving Systems

Company Petar Mihaylov and Co is exclusive importer for the product of company OHRA, Germany. The shelving systems of OHRA are made from high-fidelity hot rolled tempered steel. The horizontal shoulders are mounted in the vertical columns quickly and easily as they are moveable by impact, for example by a forklift, thus protecting the goods from damage and also workers from injury. As additional safety measure, the arms have rounded tops. The free moving horizontal arm has been developed and patented by OHRA and is nowadays inevitable condition for storing flats. The arms are easily assembled to the columns via fittings, also patent of OHRA. The regalia can be one-sided or two-sided. The rounded points of the arms protect the commodities and the tyres of the motor trucks. The store space is continuous (no interrupting columns) and ideal for storing commodities of various sizes.

The racks from OHRA are highly load-bearing storage systems intended for storage of long and/or bulky storage materials. Such goods include, for example timber, wooden boards, metal sheets, sections, beams or steel elements, building materials but also scrap cars and all kinds of heavy loads. Cantilever racking by OHRA is distinguished from standard racks using solid steel sections for all load-bearing elements. Thanks to this slim construction of our racks a high storage capacity can be achieved across a small floor space.

Technical details

The cantilever rack is manufactured from robust, full-core hot-rolled steel profiles guaranteeing high loading capacity, operational safety and prolonged longevity. Load bearing parts, i.e. columns, bases and arms, are powder coated RAL 5015 as standard, further standard RAL colours are available. Outdoor racks are hot dip galvanized.

Arm Characteristics:

Superior to the conventional bolted arm principle, the OHRA cantilever arms feature a patented boltless slot-in assembly:

  • The unique arm-to-upright connection allows the arm to move freely in the event of impact, avoiding undue damage to arms, uprights and the materials stored.
  • The boltless horizontal insertion into the column avoids contact with adjacent storage levels when adjusting arm heights, reducing remodeling and assembly downtime by up to 100%. As opposed to bolted arms, the OHRA arm can be repositioned within seconds
  • High-grade forged steel column connectors guarantee a high load bearing capacity.
  • Full working depth: The OHRA arm design enables a 100% arm depth usage. No bolt head heads can cause damage goods in the case of impact.
  • OHRA arms can be incline-adjusted with a special leveling bolt if out of line, especially useful for longer arm lengths.
  • Standard pitch of 100 mm, 50mm pitch is optionally available.
  • Integrated safety fender/head-guards, for accommodating roll-off stops, are a standard feature for all arms.

Column/Base Characteristics:

Base legs supplied with tyre protection as standard. Columns are punched double-sided as standard.
All columns are bolted to the base, providing several benefits:

  • Optimisation of transport cost
  • Replacement of damaged bases without complete frame replacement possible
  • Retro conversion from single to double entry possible.

The racking systems conform to DIN 18800-7, EUROCODE, and FEM 10.2.02.