SAVIOTOP is a new product of Gruppo Mauro Saviola, available in Bulgaria by Petar Mihaylov and Co. This is a kitchen worktop, available as plate size 4200 x 1860 mm made of waterproof chipboard with thickness of 38 mm. The size allows you to design a kitchen table, kitchen island or table with a non-standard width of the familiar 600 mm. Another advantage of the plate of this size is that it allows the making of corner kitchen countertop without seams, making it much more convenient and hygienic. For each worktop is available an edge with exactly the same color and surface structure as the worktop. Durability and temperature resistance is the same as for workspaces coated by HPL, made in postforming. The product is available at an attractive price. Environmental panel Gruppo Mauro Saviola meet the same standards as a panel of fresh wood and using resins with the lowest formaldehyde emission.

Decors on Stock

  • Discovery Nero 05R, Brina

  • Samsara Carbone TH5, Brina

  • Samsara Cenere TH3, Brina

  • Marmo TD1, Brina

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