Acrylic High Gloss Boards

Company Petar Mihaylov & Co produces acrylic high gloss boards with senosan® AM1800TopX which are extremely scratch and chemical resistant. This new generation of scratch-resistant lacquer acrylic films in high gloss have enormous depth effect and convincing product properties. These boards have additional unique properties that make them the perfect choice for residential use in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms as well as for public use in offices, hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs. In particular, the boards have increased UV and water resistance. These acrylic high gloss boards are the preferred alternative to lacquered boards by many leading furniture manufacturers as the panels have superior mirror effect and no orange peel effect while also providing significant cost benefits.

Our company works exclusively with senosan® AM1800TopX as it is probably the best acrylic high gloss surface available in the market worldwide.

Suitable For All Kinds Of Furniture
Suitable for Kitchens
A Better Alternative to Lacquer

Scratch Resistance

The MASTER PROFIL acrylic high gloss boards are being sold in 6 different continents due to the fact that they are incredibly scratch & chemical resistant. This makes the acrylic high gloss boards the preferred choice of both furniture manufacturers and end clients. The difference between our boards and boards without scratch resistant surface produced by our competitors is easily noticeable. Even the slightest scrub damages the surface of our competitors’ boards where scratches cannot be fixed or polished.

These unique properties – scratch & chemical resistance – make our boards a great investment for both furniture producers and end clients that are looking for a long-lasting kitchen or furniture.

Scratch Resistance Test of Senosan Surface


Scratch Resistant
Chemical Resistant
Superior Mirror Effect
No Orange Peel Effect
Resistant to UV Rays
Water Resistant
Easy to Clean
Better Alternative to Lacquer


Front Elements
Wall Panels
Interior Doors


  • 1982

    Snow White

  • 1994


  • 11046


  • 7496


  • 7498


  • 85468


  • 85384

    Light Grey

  • 85383


  • 85382

    Dark Grey

  • 8421


  • 11035

    White Metallic

  • 8427

    Black Metallic

  • 85385

    Silver Metallic

  • 7499

    Beige Metallic

  • 85387

    Graphite Metallic

  • 3362


Technical Specifications

Other dimensions, thicknesses, and core materials upon customer request.


Download Characteristics of Senosan AM1800TopX
Download Chemical Resistance Laboratory Report

Fields of Application