The door sills of MASTER PROFIL are used for masking the mounting gap between the wall and the frame sill and for compensation of the unevenness and different thickness of the walls.
The available length is 2200 mm in two forms – straight and rounded. The sills are offered in three face types – with natural veneer European oak – polished and unpolished, veneer fineline or with melamine foil. The foil is developed exclusively for the brand MASTER PROFIL. The foil has special nano-lack layer, which makes the product scratch resistant.
The base of the sill is made from MDF-16mm or MDF-10mm, and the bearding is made from MDF-4mm. KLEIBERIT polyolefin glues are used for the wrapping.


  • Sill Straight P-006
    Sill Straight P-006
    Base is made from MDF 16mm and bearding is made from MDF 4mm
  • Sill Straight P-006-10
    Sill Straight P-006-10
    Base is made from MDF 10 mm and bearding is made from MDF 4mm
  • Sill Rounded P-007
    Sill Rounded P-007
    Base is made from MDF 16mm and bearding is made from MDF 4mm


  • Light Oak

    F06 159

  • Dark Oak

    F06 162

  • Bleached Gray Oak

  • Brown Walnut

    F26 025

  • Elm

    F30 004

  • Noce Mary

    F26 042

  • Noce Sofia

    F26 041

  • Mountain Larch

    F32 002

  • White PET


  • White Acryl


  • European Oak

    Natural Veneer

Technical Specifications

CodePatternsNameSize, mm
P-006Veneer and FoilsSill-straight2200/69/44
P-006-10Veneer and FoilsSill-straight 10mm2200/69/38
P-007Veneer and FoilsSill-rounded2200/69/44

Other dimensions, thicknesses, and core materials upon customer request.

Fields of Application

  • Interior Passage Doors
  • Entrance Doors