New Product: Acrylic Crystal Boards

We are proud to announce that we are now offering a brand new product in our MASTER PROFIL range – acrylic crystal boards.

Acrylic crystal boards are acrylic high gloss boards with unique depth of color thanks to the very thick acrylic layer – 2mm. This product has the same appeal of a real glass, however it is considerably lighter and doesn’t break. The special acrylic sheets are laminated on top of MDF with various thicknesses and are chemical & scratch resistant. The boards are shipped with a protection foil to ensure no damage. The backside of the boards is laminated with a special acrylic surface (not glossy) with a thickness of 2mm making the boards absolutely stable. Upon request, the boards can also be laminated with the high gloss acrylic sheets on both sides. The board’s dimensions are 2800 x 1300 mm. In addition, we have in stock special matt edgings who contribute to the unique finish of the product.