New Product: Sintered Stone Boards

We are proud to introduce another addition to our vast offering of Boards with Special Surfaces from the MASTER PROFIL range –  Sintered Stone Boards.

The boards have incredible technical characteristics due to the fact that the surface used is sintered stone – a new product category that is superior to ceramics, gres and porcelain. The surface is made from 100% natural raw materials (quartz & feldspar, glass minerals & silica, natural oxides) in a manufacturing process where temperatures reach more than 1200° C and where a weight of 400 bars is applied. Sintered stone is extremely scratch, chemical, UV, stain, frost and heat resistant up to 300° C. It is a non-porous product with absoprtion level of almost 0. It has NSF certificate that makes it suitable for contact with food. The surface of our boards imitates various materials – marble, stone, beton and iron. We offer ready for assembly front elements in custom sizes as well as complete execution of projects with sintered stone including furniture, kitchen tops, table tops, wall coverings, flooring and facades.