New Product: TrueMatt® Boards

We are proud to announce that since 1 November 2021 we started producing our new product – TrueMatt® Boards.

TrueMatt® Boards are the latest innovation in the furniture industry offering revolutionary technical features at a very affordable price. TrueMatt® Boards are a product with a supermatt, silk-touch, antifinger-print, scratch & chemical resistant, antibacterial, UV-resistant, waterproof PET film in 4 timeless colours – white, cashmere, grey and black. The absolute highlight of the surface is its ability to be repaired via a thermal healing process meaning microscratches can easily be removed using a household iron. For greater flexibility and cost reduction TrueMatt® Boards are available in two core options – MDF and melamine faced chipboard, both at 18mm thickness. This makes our boards a great alternative to other supermatt boards on the market – including lacquered and laminated boards.